"The first track the band has shared is single “No Nostalgia”...don’t let this one near any important documents, all it does is rip.... a bouncy rocker that would probably set the whole house ablaze if the band played it at a basement show. Smith’s raspy yawp is an obvious highlight, as is his furious guitar work throughout... backed by pals Richie Owen (drums) and Derek Johnston (bass), who bring a kinetic energy that makes each song sound much wider and more expansive than your typical college bedroom." - CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND


"Lead single “Marzipan” is a strange, swirling, wonderful example of what Smith is capable of. Guitars alternate between jaunty strolls and rippling reverb, feeling like rolling waves of drug-induced color. There’s even a Floydian outro of zapping electronic wiggles. But the most fetching aspect of the track is Smith’s voice itself. It’s somewhere between T. Rex’s Marc Bolan and WU LYF’s Ellery James Roberts, part back-toothed growl, part heady vibrato." - CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND


"Their post-grunge power-pop is compelling enough, Smith’s aggressive guitar atop a hefty, nimble rhythm section, with Owen on drums and Derek Johnson on bass. Fauna Shade songs are journeys, compact but squalling. The magnet, the madness of Fauna Shade is Smith’s voice. It’s the voice of skewed youth, delivered by a sensitive and solitary 22-year-old who’s swallowed too much post-adolescent anxiety and expectation and is blessedly free to let it loose at top volume. " -CITY ARTS


"It feels like a rare treasure, a musical polaroid without any digital backup, ephemeral enough that if a studio professional get their evil hi-fi hands on it they might just polish the soul right out of it. When Fauna Shade came through the KEXP studios last February, it was like witnessing a unicorn. Smith was wearing a bathrobe, unkempt long blonde hair pouring out from underneath a beanie, and the whole studio began to pray that they didn’t change a single thing, didn’t wash a single speck of dirt off of their sound." - KEXP


"Fauna Shade, a snarling, tonally dualistic mass of heavily reverbed scratch-crooning, easily at home in a dank (from both weed and weather) basement, as in a sun-dappled sylvan grove. It’s the sonic equivalent of getting hammered alone outside while you wander around reflecting on your summer bummers." - THE SEATTLE STRANGER


"“No Nostalgia” features just as much garage and psyche. The three and a half minute jam progresses through a funk-laced verse, Smith’s powerful wails, a 90 second guitar solo driven interlude and a spacey outro reminiscent of early 70’s psyche." - APES ON TAPE